Santa Teresa

As the Tico’s say…Pura Vida from Santa Teresa Beach. What a beautiful spot! We landed in Costa Rica on Sunday Februrary 6th, 2022. It was an uneventful flight from Charlottetown to Montreal and then from Montreal to Liberia in the Northwest of Costa Rica.

Having been to Costa Rica (“CR”) before (on two seperate occassions) we knew something about what to expect. Driving in CR can be tricky at times, although the roads are getting better, and driving at night is not advisable so we decided to use a hotel nearby the Liberian airport as a rest stop. It was a good move. The next morning, fully rested, we rented a vehicle and set out on the 4+ hour drive south through the Nicoya Peninsula, arriving in Santa Teresa on the Pacific coast by mid afternoon. Here’s a picture of our vehicle (for the next two weeks) and the AirBnB we have rented in Santa Teresa.

Although it started as a fishing village, first and foremost Santa Teresa is now a well known surfing town. It’s greatest asset is clearly its impressive beach. There are a variety of world-class breaks with ideal surf conditions throughout the year. The beach runs for miles from Carmen Beach in the south to Playa Hermosa in the north which means it’s huge.

The village is more or less one very dusty and broken down road that runs parallel to the beach about 200m inland. The road is dotted with surf shops, yoga studios, cafes, restaurants and hostels. The roads are so poor that most people travel by four wheeler. It’s a bustling little town packed with tourists, especially young twenty-somethings in seek of sun and relaxation.

It’s now Sunday (Super bowl Sunday actually) and we’ve done very little other than enjoy the beach, tour the town, and enjoy the local food. We found out quickly that surfing in these waves is a lot harder than it looks. Gram and Noah picked it up quite quickly, but we can’t say the same for Dad! Unfortunately Noah got a bad sunburn (from too much surfing) and for the most part that has forced him out of the sun for the remainder of the week.

What follows is a few more pictures that help to capture the area. This afternoon we are off to a beach bar to watch the Super Bowl. Then, in the morning, we are off to the capital city of San Jose.

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