4 days in Dinant

Dinant wasn’t on our itinerary when we left home. When we were looking for a half way point between Otterberg and Amsterdam we penciled in Cologne. However, when it came to booking accommodations it wasn’t easy and so we kept looking. We discovered Dinant, a pretty town on the Meule river, a little less than half way to Amsterdam if we went through Belgium. We found a suitable spot on AirBnB and it was settled.

After departing Otterberg we stopped in Luxembourg and had a Thai lunch before strolling the walls of the old city. Luxembourg was beautiful and pricey. Another country to add to the list.

And then it was on to Belgium and through the rolling hills of the Ardennes. Dinant is a patchwork of streets that straddle the Meuse backed by steep cliffs and occasional rockfaces. The weather was just about perfect all four days and we loved walking up and down the Meuse enjoying the local vibe. We visited Notre Dame de Dinant and the Citadel on day one. We went castle hunting on day two and found three gorgeous spots (Château de Vêves, Walzin Castle, and Castle of Freÿr). And we went for a river cruise on day three. In between, we enjoyed our 2 bedroom converted attic apartment. We grilled burgers, played foosball, and soaked up some sun on the rooftop terrace alongside the Meuse. What a charming spot! If you have a chance to visit this beautiful corner of Belgium, grab it.


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