After going carless for a week we rented a vehicle in Chainguinola and headed south to Boquete, a hilly four hour drive. It didn’t take us long to conclude that, on balance, the roads in Panama are far superior to those in Costa Rica. As we moved south we observed that the living standards were also improving. Before arriving in Boquete we stopped for some cliff jumping at Los Cangilones de Gualaca which was full of locals and very refreshing after a long drive. Neat spot.

We chose Lucera Golf & Country Club as our base for three short days in Boquete. The place was almost deserted but it gave the golf crazy members of our family a chance to play a round on a very challenging course with huge elevation changes surrounded by dense jungle. We stayed in one of their tree houses which gave us a spectacular view of the jungle and canyon below. If you looked hard enough you could see all the way to the city of David and even a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean some 50kms to the south. We loved waking up to this view!

View looking south from Lucero Golf & Country Club

Boquete is a mountain region that is known for its eco-tourism attractions. It’s been featured in International Living Magazine and is becoming a popular retirement destination for ex-pats from all over the world. Speaking of retirement, neighbours of ours from our cottage in Stanley Bridge, Kevin and Miriam Fancey, have been wintering in Boquete and they drove over to meet us at Lucero to join us for a drink, and it was very nice to see them and compare notes on our experiences in Panama.

Boquete town is a quaint little village with several nice restaurants and a popular farmers market. We spent one afternoon exploring the town and on our last day we visited Tree Trek Boquete for some Zip lining, which was fun for all.

Overall the weather was great. It was hot on the golf course. But the higher elevations of Boquete town brought with them some clouds which, without blocking the sun, would sprinkle some light mist below (producing rainbows). Higher up in the mountains it was down right cool for our ziplining tour.

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